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Whiskey Road has three flights- Jumping, non-jumping, and walk, trot. 

All riding skills are accommodated.                           Come join us !

DATE        TIME         FIXTURE

March 19                  10 am         Bramlett/Allendale

March 22                  10 am         Jackson CLOSING MEET

Richert-Burke-4529 Freddy and David Laws

March 19 @ Bramlett/Allendale

March 22 @ Jackson CLOSING MEET

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The Whiskey Road Foxhounds Hunt was established in 1976 with the pack being registered with the Masters of Foxhounds Association of America in 1977. Having met  the requirements and standards set by the MFHA, WRFH was officially recognized by the MFHA in January of 1979 and regularly hunts large tracts of land in Aiken, Allendale, Bamberg, Lexington, Saluda and Hampton Counties.


Early season begins in October. The formal season begins in November with Opening Meet, . Hounds go out 2 times per week, Thursdays and Sundays, through mid-March. The pack is kenneled near the Vale of Montmorenci, in Aiken County, and is supported by subscription.


Hunt Week is an annual festival of hunting held during the first week of February. Kicking off with a Wednesday evening reception, Hunt Week 2021 will be held Wednesday, February TBA to Tuesday, February TBA, incorporating FOUR HUNTS and SOCIAL FUNCTIONS EVERY EVENING. The Hunt Ball is on Friday, February TBA. 


Our annual Hunt Ball, gourmet breakfasts, tailgates and cocktail parties all contribute to a festive celebration of horse and hound. Our guests come from as far as Canada , New England, Florida and numerous points west.  In country that comprises thousands of acres, there is ample room for everyone.



Our hounds are a combination of Crossbred lines, based on the Midland Foxhounds, and Modern English lines. The variation in bloodline is to accomodate our weather conditions and variety of game at each fixture.


Our quarry alternates between coyote, red fox, gray fox and bobcat. For this reason, our hounds are bred for biddability, voice and drive.


We currently have 23½ couple of entered hounds in the kennel. We have 6 couple of English hounds,  16½ couple of Crossbred hounds and 1 couple American. 


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